Friday, February 16, 2018

Candlelight, crochet and Valentine's Day!!!


Hello?  Anyone still here?

Whenever I go some time without putting up a blog post, and I don't mean the Happy Homemaker Monday, but a proper chatty post, I feel like when someone returns to their summer house and needs to clean off the cobwebs and give it a good dusting.

It's been crazy.

I don't need to tell you that, you all are aware of what's been going on around here.

Good news is that we are all finally over the sickness and back to normal.  Yay!!!

So what does that mean?  Well for one, it means I can get back to being and feeling like my normal old self, in all areas of my life, including blogging.


The weather here has been deplorable.  Yesterday was 85 degrees, beautiful, hot and made me believe that maybe, just maybe, Spring was around the corner.

Fast forward to today.  Woke up to cloudy skies, high winds and 30 degrees.  I would cry but it's not even worth it, one thing I've learned with Texas is that it will do whatever it wants to when it comes to weather.

So where have I been and what have I been doing?

Cooking for one.  This week I was able to get back to fixing meals and I've even managed to record them every day, and will share them in a video on Sunday.

I've also been going to Physical Therapy twice a week.  On Tuesday I was in quite a lot of pain, I woke up already stiff and sore and it was cold that day, so I'm not sure if that was exacerbating the problem, but let's just say that I was not able to do much of anything at my PT appointment.  They actually ended up taping my arm with what I now refer to as their "magic tape".

Oh my word did that help.  It doesn't seem like it will, but it pretty much pulls your arm into it's natural position, and because it does that, it is allowing my shoulder to heal without my arm feeling so heavy all the time.  It's hard to explain, but if you've suffered with shoulder issues, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you want to see more pictures, be sure to follow my Instagram account, I tend to share more daily pics over there.  :)


Valentine's Day came about this week too.  I will tell you that my husband and I don't usually celebrate, we find it a bit of an unnecessary holiday but once in a while we'll give each other a little something on that day.

This year we ended up giving each other a card and some chocolates, and I got a rose as well, which I absolutely love :)


We also gave both the kids a box of chocolates from each of us.  I know it's Valentine's Day but we always include the kids :)

I made a yummy dinner of ribs, steak fries and baked beans and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  It was just the 4 of us, but after weeks of being unwell and not able to share meals, it was wonderful to have us all at the table enjoying a meal together.


I've managed to get finished with the big block part of the Elements CAL, this is Part 10, all I have left to do now is make the 8 smaller squares that will go around the blanket.

I don't know if it's the yarn I'm using or the pattern itself, but I've never had such issues with curling and twisting as I've had with this pattern.  I can see that some rows don't line up as they should and no amount of blocking is fixing it.  I'm trying one more blocking technique "wet blocking" and then leaving it be. 

Also need to pick up more yarn as I'm down to the very last bit of this skein, and I think I may only get one square out of it, if I'm lucky.

In other news, my anxiety is finally under control and I'm no longer living in a fight or flight state of panic.  I'm still reading my devotionals every night, making sure to spend time with the Lord and to just let go of the paranoia that seemed to engulf me for a week or so.

Life is so difficult on it's own, without us adding more to it, because that's exactly what I was doing, adding non realistic, imaginary issues to worry about.  The what if's and oh no's were exhausting.

We have a lot to look forward to this year, my niece is having her baby girl.  She is due the very first week of July, but as we all know, it could be last week of June or even a few days after her due date.  We're hoping to make it down to San Diego to see them around the time, that is if Curt can get the time off, if he can't it will just be me and my brother and sister in law.

In August, my stepmom is coming to visit and I'm so excited, I haven't seen her since 2008 :)

Jasmine is still looking into joining the Air Force, even though plans had to be put on hold the past month while she was extremely sick with the Flu.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding Anniversary in August as well.

So yes, a year full of happenings and things to look forward to. 

I can choose to focus on what if's and imaginary problems, or I can choose God, choose peace and just live life to the fullest, and that's what I plan to do :)

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron - TLC Book Tour

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (February 6, 2018)

Broken-down walls and crumbled stones seemed to possess a secret language all their own. What stories would they tell, if she finally listened?

Ellie Carver arrives at her grandmother’s bedside expecting to find her silently slipping away. Instead, the beloved old woman begins speaking. Of a secret past and castle ruins forgotten by time. Of a hidden chapel that served as a rendezvous for the French resistance in World War II. Of lost love and deep regret . . .

Each piece that unlocks the story seems to unlock part of Ellie too—where she came from and who she is becoming. But her grandmother is quickly disappearing into the shadows of Alzheimer’s and Ellie must act fast if she wants to uncover the truth of her family’s history. Drawn by the mystery surrounding The Sleeping Beauty—a forgotten castle so named for Charles Perrault’s beloved fairy tale—Ellie embarks on a journey to France’s Loire Valley in hopes that she can unearth its secrets before time silences them forever.

Bridging the past to present in three time-periods—the French Revolution, World War II, and present day—The Lost Castle is a story of loves won and lost, of battles waged in the hearts of men, and an enchanted castle that stood witness to it all, inspiring a legacy of faith through the generations.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble | iBooks


About Kristy Cambron

Kristy Cambron has a background in art and design, but she fancies life as a vintage-inspired storyteller. She is the bestselling author of The Ringmaster’s Wife, named to Publishers Weekly Spring 2016 Religion & Spirituality TOP 10. Her novels have been named to Library Journal Reviews’ Best Books and RT Book Reviewers’ Choice Awards Best lists for 2014 & 2015, and received 2015 & 2017 INSPY Award nominations. Kristy’s first Bible studies, THE VERSE MAPPING SERIES, will release in 2018.
Kristy holds a degree in Art History/Research Writing, and has 15 years of experience in education and leadership development from a Fortune-100 Corporation. Kristy lives in Indiana with her husband and three sons, and could probably be bribed with a coconut mocha latte and a good read.
Visit Kristy online at, Twitter: @KCambronAuthor, Facebook: Kristy-Cambron-Author, Instagram: KristyCambron.

Connect with Kristy

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

My Thoughts:

The Lost Castle was everything I enjoy in a good book, and more.

As per the title, it focuses on one single castle, but told through 3 different time eras, and 3 different women.  Aveline, Viola and Ellie Carver.  French Revolution, World War II and present day.

Each woman going through a different situation and different time and place, but all of them intertwined in the history of this castle, their memories, their lives, embedded in the walls of the building.

The setting, the struggles within each woman, the rich history and the way their stories are told, left me not only turning the pages as fast as I could, but wanting more, so much more.

Aveline is betrothed to the Duke's eldest son and on the night of the engagement party, the French Revolution begins, throwing everything into disarray, sending people scrambling for safety.  Aveline is left to fend for herself and ends up with severe burns and catching the attention of the Duke's youngest son.

Forward to World War II and Viola who was spying on the Germans in France and when caught was sentenced to death.  She manages to escape and ends up with the French Resistance.

Fast forward to present day and Ellie is on a mission.  She has but a photograph of her grandmother and this mysterious castle.  She is determined to find out everything she can before her grandmother slips into the hands of Alzheimer's.  What she doesn't know is that her grandmother is none other than Viola, and the story she has still left to tell will take her on a roller coaster of emotions.

The Lost Castle is the perfect mix of historical fiction and romance.

Don't be discouraged by the flashbacks between the three time periods, it is done in such a way that you don't feel confused or lost.

I absolutely loved The Lost Castle and have to give it a huge thumbs up.


Happy Homemaker Monday - 02/12/2018

Good morning friends.

I just realized that I've been pretty MIA from my little corner here on the web, and actually the last post I made was last week's Happy Homemaker Monday.  For shame!!!

We've been extremely sick around here, when I say that the sickness grabbed hold of our house, I mean it really sunk it's clutches in and has been reluctant to let it go.  The kids are finally better, the hubby is still getting over his second bout with the cold and I'm slowly and I mean very slowly trying to get out of this crud that I caught.  For me, it's been sinus, congestion, feeling of being lightheaded and nausea.

Last week was the absolute pit for me, on Tuesday I felt ok, then bam got hit Tuesday night, was pretty much laid up on the couch without being able to eat much at all the rest of the week.  Friday I managed to get to my Physical Therapy appointment but by the time I got back home, I was once again on the couch with horrible nausea.  Saturday I was meant to get groceries, and got up, got dressed, only to have to get undressed again and back on the couch again.  Ended up doing Walmart grocery pick up and what a blessing that was, Curt drove me there and within 5 minutes we were headed back home with the grocery shopping.

So yes, it's been just horrible around here and I pray that we're all finally headed in the right direction and out of this sickness.

But let's get going with our HHM :) 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday - 02/05/2018

Good morning everyone.

I'm starting this post pretty early but having to take breaks as I go along.  This flu is kicking my behind and sitting up or standing for longer than a few minutes, is leaving me light headed and nauseous.  I'm not sure how long it will take to type this all up, but we'll just go at a slow pace and eventually get there right?

Sure hope you're all well and that you're not also dealing with a household of flu, this stuff is no joke, good grief.

The kids are starting to feel a little better, they came out of their bedrooms yesterday and actually sat the dinner table for a few minutes, something that hasn't happened in a week, so that made me happy to see :)  It's still slow going, they're pretty weak, but their appetites are back which is a great thing.  We'll all eventually get there.

Right, let's see what everyone's week looks like.   

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sickness has fallen upon our household


Oh goodness.  I mentioned the other day that the kids were sick.  After taking them to the doctor, they didn't seem to be getting any better, matter of fact, on Thursday Jasmine got worse which prompted a trip to the Urgent Care.

I was there with her for a couple of hours, and after testing her for the Flu, it was determined that she has Flu Type B.

Because the 48 hour window had closed for the use of Tamiflu, we are having to just manage the flu as best as we can.  She had high fevers for 4 days, and thankfully yesterday it seemed to finally break, but she's weak, wiped out and extremely unwell still.  Her stomach hurts and she isn't able to keep down much food at all, only thing she seems to manage to eat is cereal, and I'm ok with that, as long as she's getting something in her tummy.  She is drinking a ton of fluids, and has been bedridden for days now.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two sick kids, a sick husband and a sore momma

Oh my friends, what a crazy past two days it's been.

Let me start by telling you about yesterday and my physical therapy appointment.  I went in there not knowing what to expect or what was going to happen.  My doctor was extremely nice, attentive and really went out of his way to figure out what is wrong with my shoulder and the best course of action.

The diagnosis is Rotator Cuff Tendonities, also have Impingement with my Scapula muscle and a pinched radial nerve....all on the right side, so right shoulder, right chest/breast area and right arm.

He did a Dry Needle treatment on two of the muscles, and it did feel really good afterward but I'm a bit swollen today and quite sore.  I've kept it iced like he told me too, but it's still quite painful.